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This page will stop functioning on January 1st, 2019.

I doubt this comes as a surprise to many, but yeah.

I've kept this on life support for a bit, since the point of this has always been to stop download links from dying out.
However, I've lost the will to keep working on it, and making others pay the bills for it haunts my dreams.

What went right:

What went wrong:

Hey, why not upload it to GitHub so people can collaborate on it, if it troubles you so much?

It'd be easier for anyone else to start from zero. Everything down there is a bunch of code mixed with page, page mixed with code, copypastes from SO answers sprinkled around... Hell, even if I were to pick it back up I'd redo it from scratch.

So what will happen to the skins???

I'm not entirely sure of it myself. I will delete everything off the server once its time comes, but I might make a big zip and upload it somewhere before. Or make a lot of Mega folders and put it there. Or...

I'll think up something by then. I'm open to suggestions.

And the users?

Registrations will be disabled and I'll severely limit the editing options of current accounts to prevent nasty stuff.
Of course, when it shuts down, all user info will be erased, along with any backups I might have.

It's been fun. Hopefully we meet again!


osu! Skins staff